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Mon Oct 28 13:56:01 CST 2002


> From: djinn at darkdesigns.org
> When it comes to browser data, I don't really have the
> time to assume it's true only to find out after my site
> is done that they were wrong about IE5.5 supporting
> Javascript. And I don't own all of the various
> browsers/platforms to test it for myself.

you might not right now, but you could with very little investment.  all you need is a copy of virtual pc from the folks at connectix.  you could have multiple win installations, each with a different version of ie and/or multiple *nix installations.  if you're on a mac, even better as you could run any win and/or *nix os from within virtual pc and have pretty much all the platforms covered.


> So I ask. I've asked similar questions on other lists,
> like what percentage of people still use NN4.* and
> received a wide variety of answers.

browser stats are unique to the site logging reporting them.  their percentages aren't necessarily going to reflect the browser percentages for visitors to your site(s).  so, rather than trying to get a feeling for browser percentages across the board, try to get a feeling for your own audience.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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