[thelist] ASP - Access

Harold Maduro harold at bootstudio.com
Mon Oct 28 14:30:00 CST 2002

Another boring question:

I got an ASP page where i input some data into a table in Access Database
(let's call this, TABLE A).  After this is done, i want to redirect the
user to a page to input more data on another  table (TABLE B) that has a
relationship with TABLE A..

In TABLE A, i have an id field that it's an autonumber.  On my second page
(right after submitthing and introducing the data on TABLE A) i have to
know the ID number of the record i just introduced, how do i do this?

I used to make a query and get the id number of the last record, but that
gave me problems, because several users will be introducing data at the
same time.

Any ideas?

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