[thelist] IIS5: subdomains, how to configure

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Mon Oct 28 17:09:01 CST 2002


i've asked this question probably three times, but have yet to figure it
out. i'm a little closer but still not sure if i'm missing something.

currently there is http://www.mydomain.com/ i want to add
http://dev.mydomain.com/ . i have already added the sub-domain in iis
and pointed it to a directory on the local hd. i also put a index.asp
file in it to make sure it works.

in my previous email i noted that i only wanted this to work internally
and not be reachable from the outside world. i was instructed to modify
my HOSTS file with a line like this...

<ip_address_of_machine>   dev.mydomain.com

i've tried both the external ip address and the internal ip address. we
run our network on a 10.x.x.x ip scheme.

if i am at my workstation (seperate from the website box) and type in
http://dev.mydomain.com/ i am greeted with the equivalent to

i did a little experiment and modified the HOSTS file of the website box
like so...  dev.mydomain.com

which gave the HOSTS two records. all of which looked like... localhost dev.mydomain.com

when i try to access http://dev.mydomain.com/ on the website box i am
greeted with the index.asp file i created. (although it should be noted
that even though i have specified a <title></title> in the index.asp
file, the browser says Cannot Find Server/Cannot Find File Specified [i
don't remember exactly which one] in the title bar.)

it looks to me as if what i'm doing is going to take a little more
configuration to work on a remote machine. so my question is...

without external DNS changes and/or changes to our NAT table, will i be
able to remotely (although internally) access http://dev.mydomain.com/
or will i have to be on the local box for that to work?


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