[thelist] IIS5: subdomains, how to configure

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Mon Oct 28 17:30:01 CST 2002

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> > i did a little experiment and modified the HOSTS file of
> > the website box like so...
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> whoa pardner, stop right there.  the hosts file is like a
> local dns server to the machine making the request.  so, to
> make dev.mydomain.com available remotely you'll have to make
> the appropriate entry on each and every remote machine you
> wish to have access to this domain.
> does that make it alittle clearer?

yes that makes sense. but that's what i did originally with my
workstation (a seperate box from the webserver) like i described in my
email. and it still doesn't work.

so... without any modifications, my workstation HOSTS file looks like
this... localhost

with my dev.mydomain.com modification it has one extra entry, like so...

<external_website_box_ip_address> dev.swatgear.com

i save the file and go back to my browser, type in
http://dev.mydomain.com/ and i am greeted with the homepage of
www.mydomain.com and not the index.asp file that should be coming up if
dev.mydomain.com was being served.

so i change the HOSTS file on my local workstation to...

<internal_website_box_ip_address> dev.swatgear.com

to try something different and i am greeted with the same results. the
only time it seems to work is when i am sitting at the web box, yet this
is not suitable.


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