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Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Mon Oct 28 17:55:01 CST 2002

Be nice if IBM GAVE it away. (It's not like they can't afford it)
    People who CAN see = $free
    People who CAN'T see = $130
That sucks.
<tip type="php" author="Paul Bennett">
Coding any sort of web application?
If so you will need to check user data for errors, missed fields etc.
I used to output a whole HTML page and exit the script processing when I
discovered an error, however this can be accomplished a lot more
efficiently by redirecting to a "master" page where the bulk of  user
commands are entered and appending an error flag to the url:


then having a simple check for error messages on the "master" page like so:
        case 1;
            echo "error 1 message here";
        case 2;
            echo "error 2 message here";
        // etc for all neccessary errors

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