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chris chris at mindsparkmedia.com
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There are open source projects.  I just haven't tested them out yet. One
barrier is that again, a person with a disability who is on a fixed income
often receives a computer through a donation program, and those are almost
always Windows machines... Microsoft is quite generous in this area.  That
means it's unlikely that they have access to anyone to help them configure a
linux box, or to overcome the steep learning curve...I believe that will
change eventually, but for now.. well..




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Unfortunately, JAWS refuses to run on my computer
(whines about my video settings or something or
other).  I got Windows Eyes to work just fine, but I
wasn't overly thrilled with it.

I did notice how expensive screen readers were and I
think it's terrible how they're ripping the disabled
off.  Is no one developing an open source/freeware


10/28/2002 6:38:27 PM, "chris"
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>Jaws is the big daddy, but most folks who are
disabled and on a fixed income
>can't afford it. Homepage reader is more popular and

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