[thelist] Freehand 10 not anti-aliasing

miinx lists at miinx.com.au
Mon Oct 28 19:57:01 CST 2002

I'm going rather mental trying to get Freehand 10 to anti-alias anything.

Nothing I export is anti-aliased.  Text, objects, nada.  Any export
format too - tiff, eps, gif, jpg.

On the screen, they're only showing as anti-aliased when in Flash
Anti-Alias preview mode, but they still export jagged nevertheless.

I've gone through the Help system, re-done the tutes, reset all the
Pref's to Default, & am about to hunt online but am hoping someone may
be able to point me in the right direction before I go totally bald..?

I never used to have this problem with FH8...  has something changed?

Any help appreciated!

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