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Djinn djinn at darkdesigns.org
Mon Oct 28 23:28:00 CST 2002

At 11:58 AM 10/28/02 -0800, you wrote:
>you might not right now, but you could with very little investment.  all
>you need is a copy of virtual pc from the folks at connectix.  you could
>have multiple win installations, each with a different version of ie
>and/or multiple *nix installations.  if you're on a mac, even better as
>you could run any win and/or *nix os from within virtual pc and have
>pretty much all the platforms covered.

Thanks for the tip.

>browser stats are unique to the site logging reporting them.  their
>percentages aren't necessarily going to reflect the browser percentages
>for visitors to your site(s).  so, rather than trying to get a feeling for
>browser percentages across the board, try to get a feeling for your own

You're absolutely right. I found sites claiming to list "browser use" (not
*their* browser use) stats and didn't know enough technically to realize
that it's probably impossible for anyone to really know what browsers
everyone in the world - or even everyone in the US are using. I found this
out by asking the question on a list where many smart people pointed out
many valuable things to me. I'm trying to create a website that will be
accessible to as many browsers/platforms as possible since my audience is

Jean Peterson

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