[thelist] Form Validation with JavaScript and CSS

Anthony Baker lists at thinkbigideas.com
Tue Oct 29 01:28:01 CST 2002

Just came across a form that uses a take on JavaScript forms
validation that I've never seen before, but is very cool.

Upon submission, the form is validated using JS, with a JS
prompt appearing detailing the error. There then appears to
be some scripting that changes the background color of the
offending form field, essentially highlighting the field.

In IE 6.0, the page also jumps up to the form field that has
the error in it, similar to the effect of an <A NAME=""> link.

Anyone ever seen any code like this elsewhere?

I'm very interested in replicating this type of script for
my own forms.

Here is the page, for those who are interested:




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