[thelist] Cold Fusion: error message reported for a form's checkbox item - HTML4.01 Trans

Sharon F. Malone sfmalo at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 29 07:58:01 CST 2002

On Tuesday, October 29, 2002 12:36 AM, Stevenson wrote:

> don't use #NoWords# use #FORM.NoWords#

Thanks, Stevenson, for your reply but all the other items I have listed in the CF file do not have FORM prefacing them and my client is (and has been) getting feedback just fine for months. And, again, I am not getting an error message when I fill out the form online.

Could there be another reason?

> A prospective buyer emailed a client of mine with the following error
> message:
> "I tried to use your online form, but it kept returning the following error:
> Error Diagnostic InformationAn error occurred while evaluating the
> expression: #NoWords#Error near line 48, column 6."
> However, when I fill out the form online and submit it, I get no error
> message.
> In the form, I have:
> <input type="checkbox" name="NoWords" value="nowords">
> In the Cold Fusion file I have:
> NA: #NoWords#
> In the form, should the value be value="ON"?
> Can't see anything wrong in the Cold Fusion code.
> Any ideas as to why the prospective client might be getting this error
> message on his machine?
> Best,
> Sharon
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