[thelist] Cold Fusion: error message reported for a form's checkbox item - HTML4.01 Trans

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Tue Oct 29 09:23:01 CST 2002

I've only sort of paid attention to this thread, but it could be that, if
you are using the GET method, there is a maximum length to the URL string
in MSIE.


2,048 chars minus the number of characters in the actual path.

If your client is filling in the form with over that many characters, that
might explain why they are getting the error and you aren't.  The resulting
URL string would be truncated, preventing that URL variable from existing.


At 09:12 AM 10/29/2002, you wrote:
> > Thanks, Stevenson, for your reply but all the other items I
> > have listed in the CF file do not have FORM prefacing them
> > and my client is (and has been) getting feedback just fine
> > for months. And, again, I am not getting an error message
> > when I fill out the form online.
>For "best practices" you should probably add FORM. or URL. to each of
>those variables (depending on whether you're "post"ing or "get"ting the
>form), even if it's working now.  Putting the variables in the proper
>"scope" will come in handy later for performance issues (and, it will also
>help you 6 months down the road when you're trying to figure out how the
>variable "noWords" is set).

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