[thelist] Embedded Object

djinn at darkdesigns.org djinn at darkdesigns.org
Tue Oct 29 13:04:38 CST 2002

Hello. A while back I wrote about trying to create a *non-CSS* three column
page. I will reiterate that I'm on a deadline and do not want to start
learning CSS right now and yes I know about template sites but they still
need to be tweaked.

My issue is that the content of my center column will be changing on a
regular basis and I was exploring the options of making it a separate
document. I looked at Iframes but they aren't supported by older browsers
that are still significantly used. One thing I came across is Embedded
What is your opinion on the feasibility of using an embedded object to
display a webpage as though it was in an Iframe?

Thanks for the feedback,
Jean Peterson

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