[thelist] javascript browser/platform/css help needed

Marlene Bruce marlene at underoneleaf.com
Tue Oct 29 14:28:01 CST 2002

Hi Tom,

I've thought about your email and discussed it with my employer, and
since we launch in just a few days, we're going to go with the
Javascript solution in the short term.

However, I've been aware of the em debate for a few years now, and
while I would like to use ems, I have to consider our 4.x audience. I
know that A List Apart offers a work-around (among other sources). So
once things settle down a bit here I'll reexamine the use of ems in
todays climate, and once I'm satisfied that it's a better alternative
I'll make changes to the site. I *would* like to ditch the use of
Javascript for this purpose.

Thanks for the input,


>I'm not sure why you want to modify this, but I would suggest dumping
>it altogether. IMO its a horrible way to do things. You can't be 100%
>sure it's working correctly anyway. I imagine you want to modify it
>because you are having some problems with newer browsers.
>Why not use CSS instead and relative units and let the user scale the
>font to what they want. I've been using EMs now for quite some time
>effectively for this. It leaves the control in the users hands, and
>the code is simple and effective.

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