[thelist] [QMail settings and PHP mail function]

shawn allen shawn at alterior.net
Tue Oct 29 16:29:00 CST 2002

quoth Paul Bennett:
> I use the PHP "mail()" function for quite a few bits and pieces and
> find it very handy. Trouble is, our part-time server admin guy set up
> QMail on our server (combined mail and webserver) and it won't allow
> me to send email via the mail() function anymore. The function still
> executes without errors, and the mail apparently is formed and spat
> out by PHP but it doesn't leave the dusty confines of the server
> hard-drive. I am getting sick of waiting for this to be fixed, so can
> anyone give me some idea of the settings that need to be altered to
> allow the PHP mail function to operate?

Did you try setting sendmail_path in your php.ini (or perhaps using
ini_set()) to qmail's sendmail wrapper (/var/qmail/bin/sendmail)?


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