[thelist] loading images before Flash movie

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Tue Oct 29 17:41:01 CST 2002

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> From: Le Sauvage [mailto:sauvage at ureach.com]
> My original question was --
> I have two images and a flash movie on a page, but I want the
> two images to be
> loaded and displayed before the movie begins. How do I
> achieve that, please?
> I neglected to add that the images I want to get loaded and
> displayed first are
> in a narrow frame row containing my menu, while the Flash
> movie is in the wider
> frame row where the first (introduction) page is displayed.

1. is there any page at all that comes before this page in question? if
there is you could put those images somewhere on the previous page and
give them a heigh and width of 1. (or maybe 0?) assuming they have ample
time to load before the page in question is reached, they should be
ready to go.

2. otherwise, i think maybe a javascript pre-loader is in order? not
sure how do that though, and it may not suit your needs.

3. (along the lines of number 1) you could have a frame that was only 1
pixel high, essentially not there. using that 1 pixel high frame you
could load a page that loads all the graphics you need to be loaded
ahead of time. this would allow navigation through the site to continue
while the graphics were being loaded. but as in #1 it all depends on how
long it takes the user to get to the page in question.

just some ideas.


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