[thelist] Need a browser "crash" test

sasha spam at bittersweet2.com
Tue Oct 29 19:24:01 CST 2002

10/29/2002 8:06:53 PM, "Peter-Paul Koch"
<gassinaumasis at hotmail.com> wrote:

>This seems like a classical NN4 problem. Move all
>declarations to the imported style sheet and the
problem may go away.

It is the border declaration on one specific element
(sidenav) that causes the crash. Oddly enough, this is
partially a copy and paste job from another site (code
duplication, but content split), which *doesn't* crash
4.07 or 4.08.  The only difference I could see is the
non-crash site is table based (div inside of a div vs.
div inside of a td).


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