[thelist] OT: Anyone Else Having Problems Getting Messages Through to the List?

Max Kanat-Alexander maxka at cats.ucsc.edu
Tue Oct 29 22:52:01 CST 2002

[ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
At 08:16 PM 10/29/2002, you wrote:
>if you'll look up near the top you'll see the line in square brackets.  it's
>more than likely that the original poster sent in an html formatted email or
>perhaps with a content-type other than text/plain which would result in it
>getting held (if it couldn't be converted).

         In the e-mail I got from him:
         Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

         Also, the thing in brackets is actually mine, not his. I send all
of my mail as multipart/alternative, since almost every mail client in
existence now handles it properly, and thelist is nice enough to pick it
apart for me.

         I couldn't figure out anything else that might be "suspicious"
about his normal headers.


         P.S. Here are the rest of his headers, from a direct email:

Received: from ucsc.edu (cats-mx1.ucsc.edu [])
by cats-po-1.ucsc.edu (8.10.1/8.10.1) with ESMTP id g9U3VV621424
for <maxka at CATS-PO-1.ucsc.edu>; Tue, 29 Oct 2002 19:31:31 -0800 (PST)
Received: from pimout1-ext.prodigy.net (pimout1-ext.prodigy.net
by ucsc.edu (8.10.1/8.10.1) with ESMTP id g9U3VOM18807
for <maxka at cats.ucsc.edu>; Tue, 29 Oct 2002 19:31:24 -0800 (PST)
Received: from monty (adsl-66-142-65-28.dsl.snantx.swbell.net [])
by pimout1-ext.prodigy.net (8.12.3 da nor stuldap/8.12.3) with ESMTP id
for <maxka at cats.ucsc.edu>; Tue, 29 Oct 2002 22:31:25 -0500
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 21:32:39 -0600
From: Chris Montgomery <monty at airtightweb.com>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.61) Personal
Reply-To: Chris Montgomery <monty at airtightweb.com>
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <8545596724.20021029213239 at airtightweb.com>
To: Max Kanat-Alexander <maxka at cats.ucsc.edu>
Subject: Re: [thelist] OT: Anyone Else Having Problems Getting Messages
Through to the List?
In-Reply-To: < at cats-po-1.ucsc.edu>
References: < at cats-po-1.ucsc.edu>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-UCSC-CATS-MailScanner: Found to be clean
X-arrival-time: 1035948693
X-UIDL: fk<"!gh`"!LIU"!M;*"!
Status: U

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