[thelist] loading images before Flash movie

Le Sauvage sauvage at ureach.com
Wed Oct 30 00:10:01 CST 2002

Thanks, Chris :-)

> what is it that you want me to check?

Since you wondered in your first response if there were any other pages before
that where the movie appears, I suggested that you take a look to get a better

> since it occurs on the first page, here are some more suggestions.
> 1. make it appear not on the first page. put a splash page in front of
> it or some other intermmediate page.

IMHO, this suggestion will make my work a lot easier. I'll opt for it, thank

> writing #3 brought up a good question, why must the graphics load first?

The reason is, the row with the menu would look odd without the graphics when
the movie is already playing.

Thanks again, Chris, and have a great evening!

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