[thelist] XSLT and comments/include files

MarsHall evolt at marsorange.com
Wed Oct 30 10:16:12 CST 2002

On Wednesday, Oct 30, 2002, at 10:08 US/Central, Norman Beresford wrote:
> The problem I'm having is that when I include the include command (ie
> <!-- #include
> file="/includes/db_connections.asp" -->) in the XSL file it's not
> appearing
> in the output as the XSLT thinks it's an XSL comment.  I've tried
> putting it
> in a CDATA section but thats escaping the angled brackets.

I believe what you need is:
	<xsl:comment> #include file="/includes/db_connections.asp"

See the spec here:

Mars :)

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