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% but their
% bank has told them that they're not allowed. the bank (lloyds) is claiming
% that because there is no actual goods or services being exchanged they
% can't do it as, for some reason, a ticket is a promise of a
% service at some
% later date...

The banks call this the selling of 'intangible' items;
subscriptions to web sites fall into the same category.

Look for a transaction provider that will permit the
sale of intangibles.  It might involve handling all your
own transactions through a service provider.

I can tell you that one of Worldpay's myriad services
will permit this.  For risk/reward reasons it's one of
the more expensive ones.

That said, I think Lloyd's are wrong here, if only because
the actual ticket itself is a tangible item... probably
several other banks would agree.

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