[thelist] Multiple updates - ASP

Matt MacLeod mattmacleod12 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 31 09:39:00 CST 2002

What I really meant was entering different values for specific records.

For example, if someone has ordered an apple and an orange I need to take 1
from the stock column for apples and oranges.
The way I have the information displayed on the page is a table showing the
customer's order. In the table, the product name, number ordered, and
updated stock numbers are displayed. I have looped through the recordset so
that each item within the customer's order has been displayed.
I want to be able to hit one submit button and have each record updated
with the new stock level.

At 18:09 31/10/02 +0300, you wrote:
>using the UPDATE sql statement yu can update multiple records.
>for eg.
>Update authors
>Set name = "gorilla"
>this statement will update all author names to "gorilla"
>Look up the keyword UPDATE in the acces manual...
>Ashok Hariharan
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