[thelist] Apache/SSL Question

Aleem Bawany aleem.bawany at utoronto.ca
Thu Oct 31 14:03:01 CST 2002

> I use namecheap.com for my DNS. Works fantastic. I used to be on a
> provider that changed IP's far more frequently than my current
> and it worked with ease. I'd simply login, change the old IP to the
new IP
> for my domains, and hit submit. The change took a mere 20 minutes at
> most to take effect.
> If I'd ever get around to it, I could write a little script that would
> detect the IP change on the server, then update namecheap's
information on
> the fly, but it happens so rarely that it's not been a priority.

On that topic, I use zoneedit.com for my DNS hosting and Direct Update
DNS software which runs in the task bar looking for any changes in my
IP. The client works for many providers so you might want to take a look
at it and see if it supports your provider.


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