[thelist] Photoshop 7 for $299

Lene Wangmo wangmo at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 1 11:18:01 CST 2002

Howdy Monty,

I just called Abobe to ask why the PS 7 offer wouldn't work for me.
Adobe guy said it was because the deal only goes through for people
who got a direct email offer from Adobe, not through links off the list.
But thanks for the effort.  And to you, too, Gina, if you're reading.
You guys could do it because you're on Adobe's offer list.  I'm on it NOW.
Maybe they'll do it again soon.


on 10/31/02 7:19 PM, Chris Montgomery at monty at airtightweb.com wrote:

> Howdy Lene,
> Thursday, October 31, 2002, 3:39:50 PM, Lene Wangmo wrote:
>> on 10/31/02 10:18 AM, Gina K. Anderson at gina at sitediva.com wrote:
>>> |http://www.adobe.com/store/products/special.jhtml?id=catPSspecial1002
>> I've been trying the links to buy it for the last 2 hours and get
>> "unavailable"
> Worked fine for me, went right into the cart (although I didn't buy it).
> Hurry! Less than 2 hours left. :)
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