[thelist] is there a client side php validator?

Mike Migurski mike at saturn5.com
Fri Nov 1 12:48:01 CST 2002

>> PHP throws pretty descriptive errors, which contain line
>> numbers and such. Is this not enough?
>Not when all it returns is a blank page, which my errors seem to do. I'm
>reasonably new to PHP - is there something obvious I'm missing to see
>these errors? If it's anything like the error messages from VBScript that
>would probably be perfect.

Are you getting no PHP output at all? Most PHP functions spit error
messages to the browser before dying, so if you're seeing nothing at all,
it sounds like it may be a configuration issue on the server. Step back a
bit, write yourself a hello-world script, check to make sure that
everything is in place with a script that you know is not a problem.

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