[thelist] [Boards] Simple like evolts that emails topics to members

Bob Haroche spambait at onpointsolutions.com
Sat Nov 2 10:53:00 CST 2002

> I have been searching for a board for a client's site. Most are web based
> but my client wants all members to get e-mailed the topics and replies. It
> can be exactly like evolts list.

I like DCForum for a web based BB, around $100 US perl script. Supports
email notification to administrator when anyone posts, and email
notification to public visitor when anyone posts a "reply" to a thread their
interested in. Lots of config options, probably more added since the version
I installed a year and a half ago.


Bob Haroche
O n P o i n t  S o l u t i o n s

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