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Sat Nov 2 14:02:01 CST 2002

YaBB Gold, on the www.therangerstation.com forums and
alternative-beauty.com and click forums now the last that I really
like is at www.circleofsouls.net in forums.

The one on COS can be highly customized for each users viewing
experience once you are a member.  All of them have email

All of those give you links to the development group and they were
all free at one time and probably still are.  Look at the bottom of
each forum page for the links

At 9:11 AM +0200 11/2/02, James Odell wrote:
>I have been searching for a board for a client's site. Most are web based
>but my client wants all members to get e-mailed the topics and replies. It
>can be exactly like evolts list.
>Maybe web based and automatically emailing just new topics would be fine. Is
>there a free one like this around? Preferably cgi based.
>Your help would be much appreciated.
>James Odell
>jrodell at ripplewebs.com
>Tel: +2721 7150712
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