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Timothy J. Luoma lists at tntluoma.com
Sun Nov 3 09:26:01 CST 2002

On Sun, 3 Nov 2002 13:37:15 -0000, Andrew Maynes <andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk>

> I don't it is a case of being too different to what is already out there,
> but
> there is no room for it falling over.

Then you'll need some type of emergency contingency plan for when the hard
drive catches on fire, regardless of what OS/Server Software that you use.

> I guess what you are saying is basically use php and MySQL but make sure
> the
> server is high end capable?

IANAE, but what I'm saying is that whatever software you use will be
imperfect, require monitoring, and a backup system which can be put in
place for the inevitable emergencies.

>From what I have heard and read, PHP and MySQL are both capable of handling
high-end loads (Yahoo is using one or both of them) if properly configured
(just like anything else would have to be).  They have the advantage of
active user communities which can quickly respond to security holes.  Or
you can rely on Redmond to provide the performance, stability, and security
that you need.

Microsoft has done very well for themselves by making this easier, which is
to their credit.  But that's not to say they are better

PHP and MySQL also have the advantage of being free, if you are concerned
about legitimate licensing, which I would presume that you are.

There are trade-offs in all these types of decisions.  One does not have a
perfect solution by using or not using any particular product.  But the
trade off, in this case, does not include "one will be reliable and the
other will not."  One might be better suited than another for various

All of which is to say that you should be certain that PHP & MySQL cannot
handle what you want to throw at it before dismissing it as not a viable


Timothy J. Luoma

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