[thelist] Pop-up window that precludes entrance to main site until okay'd

Chris George codemonkey00 at mac.com
Sun Nov 3 21:06:01 CST 2002

How did you want to accomplish this?  Some points to consider if it's

- what happens if they have scripting turned off?
- will you add the code to every single page of the site (sub-pages can
be gotten-to by more than just the home page)
- will the accept/decline mechanism be usable by ppl that just don't
understand what it says?

If it's server side, the latter of the two points would be pertinent.

Some other issues might be:

- Is this a site that will be indexed by search engines?  Is it reliant
on other sources of traffic that might otherwise be blocked from such a


On Sunday, November 3, 2002, at 07:44 PM, Derry Talvainn wrote:

> I have a client that wants a list of terms and conditions on his website
> that anyone viewing it will have to accept before entering the site.

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