[thelist] Pop-up window that precludes entrance to main site until okay'd

Timothy J. Luoma lists at tntluoma.com
Sun Nov 3 21:07:01 CST 2002

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On Mon, 4 Nov 2002 13:44:52 +1100, Derry Talvainn <derry at artema.com.au> wrote:

> I have a client that wants a list of terms and conditions on his website
> that anyone viewing it will have to accept before entering the site.

Not a great idea, but as you said, it's not your idea... Otherwise I'd ask
WHY, but let's move on ;-)

> I have placed the terms and conditions as the index page but he is
> concerned that they are rather off-putting

It also assumes that people will all come to the site through the main
index page rather than a deeper link.

> and was wondering if they
> could be put in a pop-up window so that the main site will be visible in
> the background

Mozilla and Opera have built-in features to allow you to block PopUps.

There are a legion of apps out there (many free) which do this for IE also.

Some ISPs are doing so too.

Many people simply close them before they even load.

It's a bad bad idea to assume that a pop up will ever be seen.

Then there are the usability/accessibility problems.

> - but he would like to make it impossible to access the
> main site until the "I accept" button is selected in the terms and
> conditions pop-up window.

No matter where they are, they will be off-putting.

> Is this possible? Or is there a suggestion for an alternative solution?

It's possble.

Whatever page they are on, look for a cookie.
If no cookie is found, send them to a page with the EULA.
If cookie is found, make sure the EULA hasn't changed since it was set
If YES, send to new EULA
If no send to requested page

If they end up at the EULA page, set a cookie when they click I ACCEPT.


Timothy J. Luoma

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