[thelist] Multi-user Access db - not web front end

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Tue Nov 5 08:33:01 CST 2002

>Here's the situation. I have a reasonably complex Access(2000) db which I
>need to share amongst the small team (total: about a dozen people) here.

remember to back up very regularly,  access mdb is a bitch when it comes
to getting corrupted...(or upgrade to msde...)

>a) Can I (and if so how do I) change the pointer in the frontend to the
>location of the backend?

there are various ways to do this :
     - manually => using the "linked table manager" in access tools->db
     - semi manually => prompt the user for a path to the backend db the
                   1st/every time the frontend app is launched
                    (i have used this method)
     - programatically using ADOX you can change the ddl of the db.
     (take a look at Q291264 on the support.microsoft KB )

>b) Can that backend be URL/IP address based? (we're on a mixed network of

i think url is a strict no-no, ip addressing should probably work with a NT
type UNC :

>It'd be nice to have all this running with a Web front end,
i remember access2k came with something called data-access-pages to convert
forms to web forms - dont know how well it works though....


Ashok Hariharan

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