Help first, be a stuck-up *** later (Was RE: [thelist] [Music clips] Continuous music clip playing across site)

Russ russ at
Tue Nov 5 10:48:02 CST 2002

Hey, thanks for the name calling.

It's equally as helpful, however, if you notice, the person's question
was a yes/no question.

I really don't think I should be responsible for doing that person's
research and offer the MANY types of ways that are possible to handle
that task if the person's not willing to do any research and craft a
question that allows me to understand what types of technologies they're
interested in.

Had the person asked if it were possible to use a tiny Flash movie that
could load a random external file, you can bet I would be happy to
provide assistance, however, that's not the case.

I offered as much help for the poster as they asked for, and it's truly
that black-and-white.  The signal-to-noise ratio on lists such as this
increases every time someone asks a question without taking any
responsibility on themselves, and it gets increased even greater when
people go back and forth.  This is the last you'll hear from me right
here; you have a problem with this, you take it to my personal email

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> Wow Russ. Can you be any more anal? I hope for your sake your
> requests for help on thelist are met with more courtesy and
> openness than you have thus far demonstrated.
> <tip type="mailing list etiquette">
> If you must reply to requests for assistance on mailing
> lists, at least try to help the poster.
> One word responses or posts like "Why don't you search on
> google instead of asking us" don't do anything for your
> reputation, and might reduce your own chances or getting help
> when your turn comes around.
> Developer lists like evolt are not for showing off how much
> you know. </tip>
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> >yes
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