Help first, be a stuck-up *** later (Was RE: [thelist] [Music clips] Continuous music clip playing across site)

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at
Tue Nov 5 12:17:01 CST 2002

Do you think that we can now let the meta-discussion die?

(not a thelist admin, but playing one in panto)

<tip type="playing in the big leagues" author="martin at">
If you want to step up a gear and work with clients who can really pay the
big bucks (like a multi-thousand pound a month deal just as a retainer to
do simple content edits to a site, plus being first on the roster for
future developments), then the quality of your project management will be
at least as significant an element in you getting the work as the quality
of your actual work.

Point well made there Jay.  (see subject of this string topic :-\)


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Jay wrote:

Tips are owed....

[tip quotage]
Usually when a question enters a mailing list in a very broad form it
indicates that the interogator may not know enough about the subject to ask
more pointed questions. How do you help out this person? By asking
of course! What platform, what software, anything that you think may have
relevance to the question asked originally.

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