[thelist] How Do You Compile Code? (ASP.Net)

Williams, Alice AWilliams at rfbd.org
Tue Nov 5 17:30:02 CST 2002

Thanks familiar but do not use them all the time.  You are right it is .bat.   Sorry for the confusion guys.  I use exe files almost everyday so I got them confused.
Alice Williams

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	> I'm pretty familiar with batch files, so all you would have
	> to do is insert this line in a text editor, notepad will do
	> then save it as anyname.exe.  Then you would run it from any
	> dos screen or the run command in Windows.  just give the path
	> when you run it.  However, it's obviously looking somewhere
	> to run this line but where I can't tell.
	> Hopes this helps.

	that's funny, i thought you said you were familiar with batch files.
	(maybe i'm the that's wrong but) a batch file is not an .exe file, it is
	a .bat file. you cannot create a working .exe in notepad.

	at least, when i tried a simple "echo hello" in test.bat it worked fine.
	when i renamed it to test.exe and tried it i got an error message from

	someone please correct me if i'm wrong.

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