[thelist] Save As dialog

Stevenson Ngila Stevenson at epr.footman-walker.com
Wed Nov 6 05:49:01 CST 2002

hi jeff,
Thank you very much.

the code lacked something small that's why it was not working. my new code
<cfheader  name="Content-Disposition"  value="attachment;
<cfcontent  file="C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Attached\#FileName#"
type="text/x-unknown" deletefile="no">

deletefile="no" was lacking.

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> From: Stevenson Ngila
> this works fine, but on clicking "open" button on the
> save as dialog box, it doesn't open the file.

well, that's not what you asked for it to do.  *grin*  it's not going to be
able to open the program remotely because the headers you're sending are
telling it the file type is unknown.  so, the only way to be able to open it
is to download it and open it locally where the os can make the
determination abou the proper file handler to use based on the file


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