[thelist] ie5 mac help please....

Steve Thomas s.thomas at har.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Nov 7 07:04:01 CST 2002

on 7/11/02 12:11 PM, Nick Wilson at nick at tioka.com wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> my client says this image is aligning to the left in ie5 mac. I just
> can't see how to make it even more expicitly centered. Does anyone else
> see this problem?
> http://www.grafisk-service.dk/rwannonce/annonce/1/
> Many thanks ;-)
> --
> Nick Wilson     //  www.tioka.com
Looks centered to me (OS9 IE5), if you mean the whole page. If you mean the
centre/left image in the layout then that is aligned to the left.



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