[thelist] automated testing tools

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Nov 11 12:40:02 CST 2002

Hi Joel,

I think it depends on the type of site you have to test ... and
what you are looking to test.

My sister's company, [large, well-known insurance company], has a
lot of forms on their website for folks to fill out to get
insurance quotes.  They use Winrunner to create scripts to test
behavior and performance by programmatically running through the
forms and inducing partial forms, spelling errors, 'odd'
combinations of controls - that sort of thing.

I think they may use Loadrunner for simulating 'slashdot' style
usage spikes as well - not 100% sure.



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From: Joel Canfield [mailto:joel at spinhead.com]

What do you use for testing your website or web app? Off the shelf tool,
home-made scripts? How big does a site or app have to be to make it worth
implementing automated testing?

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