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As with any business, you need a blue print before you lay down the first
stud. Once you have your blue print, its a good idea to create 3 samples of
the idea. Take it back to the client and tell them to pick the best one.
Take that winner, add something and create 3 more samples. Rinse and Repeat.
This may be the best ad hoc approach.

Remember this, the more planning, documentation, research, and development
done before you hammer in the first nail, the less time you'll incur
developing the thing. I've made myself a lot of physical page templates that
I may use to rearrange things on (i.e. navigation, etc), much like M$
Visio's Office Layout wizard to aid in page design.

As my brother once told me about web design, "Its really up to you to
determine if the design is effective or not." As far as good web design,
check out www.designinteract.com and their Site of the Week Archives. Design
Interact is Communication Arts magazines' Web Site. Getting a subscription
to CA isn't a bad idea either.

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With out a web site idea in your gut.
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hi everyone.

i've asked a question similar to this in the past however i'd like some
more information. when i build a website (however few and far between
they are) i sit down with the client and my teammates and we ask some
general/specific questions about their goals and interests and what they
might like it to look like, etc. and it's almost always an ad-hoc
process. i learn new things each time but i'm afraid i'm wasting a lot
of time in the planning stages. frankly there is *almost* no planning.

i'm curious as to how others go about streamlining (meant, wasting as
little time as possible with throwing out old ideas for new/better ones)
the process and if there are books/classes/online tutorials that lay out
a solid foundation for planning and building websites.

thanks a lot.
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