Etiquette was Re: [thelist] js and redirection

Ben Henick persist1 at
Wed Nov 13 05:36:01 CST 2002

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Le Sauvage wrote:

> hi again, mike :-)
> i'm afraid the codes don't work. BTW, my fullscreen is really fullscreen -
> absolutely no bars at all.
> if you would care to take a shot at it again, i'd be very grateful; otherwise,
> i understand.
> thanks again
> kris

Er, given the mode of address perhaps this message should have been sent

Sorry to butt in like this, but, well, I'm butting in.

When sending replies, make sure to preserve enough of the conversation
that someone dropping in on the thread can know (or at least deduce)
what's going on without having to rush directly to the archives.

A message directed primarily at one person but sent to the entire list is
notionally okay... if it's ontopic and contains enough information that
others on the list can actually learn something from it, or have a
question to answer.

Just a thought.

[This is my first post to thelist since the last Ice Age, or at least last
summer.  What you hear is the thunking sound of the collapse of my hopes
that my return would be more positive.  ;-)   ]

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