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Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Wed Nov 13 11:40:01 CST 2002

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> chris,
> > those questions were posed to rudy
> > since he's the one with the burden of proof
> ???

i didn't mean any harm by that. i thought it was pretty obvious what i

> where does it say that folders are required and that i have
> to prove that not using folders has an advantage?

iirc you were the one that made the case in the first place. you were
the "accuser", or plaintiff. we were the defendants, defending our view
of sub-folders against your view of not-sub-folders.

> as my mom used to say, if all your friends jump off a cliff,
> does that mean you should too?

yes. no wait, i mean no.

> any issue like this has pros and cons, for both sides

except for the excellent (i think) point that david.cantrell brought up,
i would agree. (about the "4 decades of computer science and interface
design" thing.)

> folders have some advantages, sure, but not using them has
> advantages too, and i just figured it's time somebody stood up
> for the no folders strategy because it hasn't received the attention
> that i think it deserves

in fact, i had never heard of this idea until you chimed in. thanks for
broadening my horizons!

> my main point was that with a good naming convention, you
> don't *need* folders in order to have good organization
> for example, if you change images/foo/bar.jpg to images_foo_bar.jpg
> the first thing i would do is ditch the "images" at the front, eh?

this works fine in your one file example, but IMHO it does not hold true
when dealing with thousands and thousands of files.

and to respond to a later email by you...

> as i said, there are pros and cons
> perhaps we've exhausted them though, since we are now
> into the realm of analogies
> still, it was fun
> it's always interesting when people who are used to doing
> something a certain way have a different way proposed to them

i agree. and that's why wanted to hear more of what you had to say about
it. ;)


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