[thelist] Convert Word Doc to HTML

Diego Barcia webmaster at sci-web.com.ar
Thu Nov 14 03:46:01 CST 2002

> Feingold Josh S wrote:
> >What is the best free way that you have found to convert a MS Word
> >to HTML?  How clean is the code and how close is the formatting?

Try AbiWord http://www.abisource.org. AbiWord is open-source and can handle
and import/export Word documents automatically. Then, you can save the
imported document as HTML.

You can even save it as a DocBook file (an XML format)... The formatting
isn't perfect, especially spacings (which by the way are probably due to bad
formatting in the original Word files), but is far more better than Word's.
I've been using it not for too long but I think it's a cool program: I've
tested it with a large Word document, around 450 pages, and the formatting
was very good, although not perfect, and also for the HTML generated. Also,
I noticed that this processor uses inline CSS and a few classes for the HTML
that generates. However, it uses too much inline style attributes that
repeat themselves. But, generating precise CSS on the fly would require
almost artificial intelligence I think...


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