[thelist] Anyone used intellicollect for payment processing?

noah noah at tookish.net
Thu Nov 14 17:13:02 CST 2002

At 05:01 PM 14/11/2002, Feingold Josh S wrote:
>Stats: $25 yearly and 3.5%/40 cents a transaction.  Beats 2checkout.  I am
>staying away from paypal, due to usability issues.

re: 2checkout.com, just in case you're still considering them -- I haven't
used them to accept payments, but I tried to use them to make a payment a
couple of weeks ago. The transaction failed because the payment script
couldn't validate my address(!). I sent an email to webmaster@ (as I was
instructed to do on the failure page), and have yet to hear back (2 weeks +).

I'd steer clear.

On a side note, how on earth would you validate an address?

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