[thelist] DAO with ASP

jerryscannell at cox.net jerryscannell at cox.net
Fri Nov 15 09:41:01 CST 2002

Fellow developers,

I am having a problem sending new eMails to you so I have to reply to this

I have a real tought one here.  I have an ASP driven web site that was
running under Personal Web Server up until yesterday.  I have configured a
"real" web server on another PC under Windows 2000 Server (Server pack 3)
running IIS.

The web site runs from all the workstations connected to it except for one
very important piece.

I am using an excel interface to create and either display or print
spreadsheets.  This process has worked flawlessly under PWS but doesn't work
very good at all under IIS.

I am able to update an existing spreadsheet with a very simple test routine
but not the production spreadsheet using my regular code.  I can't display
 xlsOBJ.Application.Visible = True) or print (xlsOBJ.ActiveWorkbook.PrintOut
1) anything.  As a test, I ran the same code on another PC with PWS running
and it still works, so I don't think it's the code.

I really need help with this one.


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