[thelist] <fieldset>? WAS: (lining up forms using CSS)

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Nov 15 15:34:01 CST 2002

> can i suggest that anytime you have a question about a tag such as
> <fieldset> or anything else that is new to you, you immediately go to
> the w3c site to check it out. there you will find your answer.

maybe it's me, but i found that statement unintentionally hilarious

most people can't read that site, or perhaps more accurately, most
people can read it but not understand it, or put it to use easily

no offence, but the w3c is only syntax, they don't show you good examples

tony, i love your fieldsets

all i saw in the source code was

     <form ...
           <legend>Simple Search</legend>  etc.

what's the css that got you those gorgeous boxes?

and thank you for putting your form fields in <p>...</p> blocks

i was -- sternly, or so i felt -- recently admonished to
place my form fields within divs, by someone who thought
that a paragraph was not the semantically correct
container for form fields

so thanks for that


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