[thelist] Re: Tips on Finding Freelance Projects

TRACY HERBECK tracyh at mid.org
Mon Nov 18 10:01:06 CST 2002

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CC: "Brian W. Reaves" <brian at brianreaves.com>

Hi Brian,

When I was doing freelance work, I found work pretty easily on
www.craigslist.org.  I just posted my resume, skill set and a list of
URLs from previous work.  The first time I posted, I receive a reply
within 30 minutes.  Times are a little tougher now, perhaps.

Good luck....


On 11/15/02 7:49 AM, "thelist-request at lists.evolt.org"
<thelist-request at lists.evolt.org> wrote:

> Just wondering what has been successful for other freelancers out
there as
> they look for projects? The development end of this business does not
> to be the difficult part. It's the sales end that I am inefficient at
> Calling). Anyone care to share a few trade secrets on what works for
> when your friends and family leads dry up?
> TIA,
> Brian

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