[thelist] php design question

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Nov 18 19:35:01 CST 2002

the martini example made me thirsty, but brought zero additional
understanding to my pathetic levels of comprehension

the cars example was headed down the same road, until i saw

    $harley = new Motorbike () ;

and that looks an awful lot like javascript

it also looks like that coldfusion structure business that i have -- so help
me -- never seen the need for yet

bikes i understand, and any programmer who coded an application
to put a car tire on a bike should be shot

nobody has said boo yet about how objects are better than includes

or even how they're different, although i'm getting a sickening
feeling i'm not gonna like the answer

> When you are dealing with lots of 'copies' of the same things,
> objects and classes will make you life a lot easier.

well, maybe i'm spoiled, working in the database world, where
things only exist once (because you declare primary keys, right?)
and multiple times only through defined relationships

> In the context of a web page, for instance, you normally create a
> page with multiple queries to a database; if you keep the results
> of each query in an object

with coldfusion, i don't have to keep any query results, coldfusion
keeps them for me

i don't even know where it keeps them, but that's fine

is that what's meant by hidden data?

> it makes it much easier to avoid accidently deleting a result set,

in coldfusion you have to actually do wierd things to make that happen

> or moving the pointer in a loop when you are
> displaying the results.

in coldfusion you operate on sets, and looping isn't necessary

listen, i do apologize for always coming back to how things work in
coldfusion, but it's the only web scripting and database language i know,
and i'm hoping someone can relate this object class goodness to me
once they know where i'm coming form

where were we?  oh yeah, includes


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