[thelist] Converting VBScript from Access to SQL

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Easy to install and customize, and on all the sites I've installed it, the
users find it easy to use.

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> on 11/19/02 8:25 PM, Jeremy Weiss at jweiss03 at comcast.net wrote:
> > I've changed the connection string to an SQL DNS one and now it's adding
> > an id, but it's the wrong id.
> As Eric suggested, make sure that you tables are set up as you expect,
> particularly that your id is, in fact, of a numeric datatype (I've seen
> upsizing change numeric fields into varchars), set to be IDENTITY(1,1) (or
> whatever you want your starting number and steps to be), and set as a
> primary key. IF all those things are true, THEN you should ALWAYS get the
> right result by SELECTing @@IDENTITY.
> Did you get the expected result using the recordset method you'd earlier
> used with Access? If not, try.
> Wade
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