[thelist] message boards

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Wed Nov 20 12:55:01 CST 2002

Quote "construct" <neal at constructweb.com>
> any message board suggestions?

YAbb (www.xnull.com) -- Perl, not PHP, but flavorful, skinnable, and
full-featured.  I recently used it to replace a PHP board from EAE,
which was easy to set up and did not require a database, but was also
IE-centric to the point that it blew up when visited by a Mac user.

YAbb has "avatar" icons, registrations, optional acceptance of posts
by unregistered guests, and can email you when someone follows up one
of your posts -- a feature I wanted badly.  And the price is right:
free. The only funky thing was that they apparently packaged the code
on a Windows box, so I had to fix the \r\n line endings when I unpacked
it on my Unix server.

See http://brasscannon.org/webboard/ if you want to try it out --
Evolters always welcome.

> PHP preferably

I took a quick look through SecurityFocus before I downloaded, and there
were zero alerts for YAbb vs "quite a few" for phpBB....  I also looked
at vbForum, which I support on a couple of sites, but my own server has
better things to do with its CPU cycles, and I have better uses for my
cash.  :-)

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