[thelist] What is PHP?

Rob Whitener rwhitener at DesignOptions.com
Thu Nov 21 14:23:01 CST 2002

The main php site is pretty good, I just started using PHP in august and it
got me started very well.  I still haven't found the need to go out and buy
a book:


Also, I have seen some pretty good articles on phpbuilder, here is the link:


What I can tell you in a quick and dirty way is that if you are familiar
with the syntax and pattern matching of perl, and if you are comfortable
with server side technologies like ASP or JSP, then PHP is a sinch to pick


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[Disclaimer - those who want to tell me to use Google, please delete this
message. I know there are people on this list who are knowledgeable enough
about PHP to point me to the *right* information, not just *all* of the

No, I don't expect an in-depth explanation on this list, but if anyone can
point me to a good, concise source that they like, I would appreciate it.
I'm especially interested in what kind of things PHP is best at.

Thank you,
Jean Peterson

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