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MarsHall evolt at marsorange.com
Thu Nov 21 15:11:01 CST 2002

On Thursday, Nov 21, 2002, at 13:35 US/Central, Peter VanDijck wrote:
> Say you have multiple bookmarklets...it calls the server...you are
> still looking at page X...Is this practically possible? (using PHP on
> the server)


Peter VanDijck wrote (in a different message):
> is it possible to make bookmarklets respond to keystrokes instead of
> clicking on them?

Possible? Yes. Easy? No no no no no no.

Any true magic-keystroke solution would completely depend on the
User-Agent's [browser's] implementation of bookmarking and OS, since
the bookmarking/favorites sub-systems are client-side, proprietary and
sometimes platform specific.

The the only way I know of to quasi-universally catch keystrokes is
using the HTML "accesskey" attribute. Although AFAIK, this only works
to activate links and give form fields focus in Web pages.

Maybe you could use this functionality, though? Put your scripts on a
page in a small palette-style popped-up window (instead of using
bookmarklets), so that they are available at all times. Give their
links/buttons accesskey attributes. The user would have to bring focus
to your special window [by clicking on it] before hitting the keystroke.

Not exactly "tap-a-magic-button" elegant, but it would work.

Any better ideas out there?

Mars :)

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