[thelist] what is this scam?

Paul Roub paul at roub.net
Tue Nov 26 13:57:01 CST 2002

These are Windows Messenger popups.

Actually, firewall software (or better yet, hardware) *would* help.  So
would turning off NetBios over TCP/IP on your Ethernet connection.  You can
also disable the Messenger service on your PC, but to be honest, if you're
exposed enough for this attack to work, you're exposed enough for all sorts
of fun.  Invest in some sort of firewall protection.


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Hi all,

I've had this happen on my computer a number of times now and it
really bothers me. I get this popup window:


It pops up at random times that I can remember, not when I am doing
any one specific thing. I'm very careful about what I download and
such, its not something that I did conciously.

I used to have Gator but I wiped it, and even used AdAware to clean
my system. How can someone fire up something like this on my PC?
(This wouldn't happen on an apple..mutter).

Stuff like this makes me want to kick Bill Gates in the head. I am
connected via cable modem and I am not using any firewall software,
but I am not convinced that would help...



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